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Business inteligence

  • Accountview business software
  • Basesoft
    basesoft's business intelligence, survey and benchmarking solutions leave existing legacy applications in tact and builds an integrated dashboard over these applications. this way it is possible to integrate with existing legacy systems and easily add additional services. this method is quicker, cheaper and more flexible than rebuilding the whole system.
  • Business intelligence
    Business intelligence is the process of gathering meaningful information at any time to answer questions and identify significant trends or patterns, giving key stakeholders the ability to make better decisions.
  • Microstrategy
  • Engage! website 2005
  • Mkg
    Mkg levert erp software voor productiebedrijven in de metaal (calculatie, verkoop, inkoop, planning, productie, urenregistratie, voorraad, etc)
  • Quadron
    Quadron bv - epicor scala dealer and scala it consultants for the netherlands

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